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My Thoughts: Miley Cyrus Photos

Posted in Entertainment, News with tags , , , on May 5, 2008 by IGoByChad

Tween queen celebrity Miley Cyrus has been mired in controversy due to her latest photo shoot in Vanity Fair.

First Thought: Tween? Are you serious? We don’t need an age group between child and teenager. We’re pretty much all set, thank you. Tween sounds like some sort of kinky sexual act involving butt cheeks. I want to know who created this word and how they live with themself.

Miley Cyrus, the teen who plays Disney’s Hannah Montana, recently posed for some photographs that will grace magazine Vanity Fair. These photos have sparked a media frenzy and publications everywhere are describing them as controversial. You want to check it out? You want to see the scandalous photo that might as well be labeled smut?

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