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You may notice that there is much less content here today than there was yesterday. Simply put, I’m restructuring. I’m editing. I’m revamping. I’m re-everything. I took all of the content down and I plan to republish it as I sift through it and clean it up. Make it better. Whore out my old stuff like Square Enix.

If you’d like to see everything in the old form, you can download a shoddily put together offline version. Sorry that it’s megaupload.


Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas, and I ain’t talking about Jesus’ birthday. Today means so much more than that nowadays. It’s about about giving up being a complete asshole to everyone all the time. It’s about enjoying the company of your family in any form possible. It’s a time to share; a time where friendship and kindness reign from their squabble, little throne.

Yes, Christmas is grand. It is a celebration of gifts and cards and sometimes even cards with gifts, which are undeniably the best types of cards. Some people would tell you, “It’s about giving, not receiving.” Those warm-hearted folk. They just love to give and give and give until their soft hearts melt. It’s simply endearing.

This is why I say, “Take what you can! Give nothing back!” Those suckers’ll keep on giving.

Take What You Can! Give Nothing Back!

I Can Now Laugh at Dilbert Comics

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Hello America. You probably aren’t wondering, “Where has Chad been, lately?” You know what? I don’t blame you. For my own self-conceited narcissism, however, I will pretend as if you cared and I will tell you. I am now a working man. I am a cubicle dweller; a cubian, if you will. I proudly pop my newfound white collar, minus the popping part. If you pop your collar you are a douche bag. You are the dregs of society. You hate America and freedom.

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I’m a Graduate

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I recently graduated. I was proud. I was overjoyed. I made a speech. The following is a video of said speech as captured by someone’s camera, so forgive the low quality and shakiness. Also, please forgive my poor speech.