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Myself - Ridiculous

Chad Stewart is a computer programmer, or more specifically, a video-game developer. He attended Full Sail Real World Education, a trade school with an accelerated pace. Seeing as though he is pretty much the epitome of awesome, he received three awards in his short time at Full Sail: Perfect Attendance, a Course Director’s Award for Game Project, and the Advanced Achiever Award. He now lives in Texas, working for a company called Multimedia Games. (That’s MGAM, go ahead and buy stock.) When he is not coding he enjoys writing short stories and articles, filming short movies and random hilarity, as well as other creative endeavors.

Previous efforts include a column in a local newspaper entitled How To Be a Man and a local sketch comedy television show called Below The Curve. Both enjoyed a short run while garnering criticism from his peers.


2 Responses to “About the Author”

  1. You need to start posting more. I also adore your “profile” picture as sunglasses and headbands are very handsome.

    Also check out my blog if you wanna help me cross something off my list đŸ˜€

  2. secret lover Says:

    your girlfriend is one lucky lady!

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