My Thoughts: Miley Cyrus Photos

Tween queen celebrity Miley Cyrus has been mired in controversy due to her latest photo shoot in Vanity Fair.

First Thought: Tween? Are you serious? We don’t need an age group between child and teenager. We’re pretty much all set, thank you. Tween sounds like some sort of kinky sexual act involving butt cheeks. I want to know who created this word and how they live with themself.

Miley Cyrus, the teen who plays Disney’s Hannah Montana, recently posed for some photographs that will grace magazine Vanity Fair. These photos have sparked a media frenzy and publications everywhere are describing them as controversial. You want to check it out? You want to see the scandalous photo that might as well be labeled smut?

Oh my! Look at this picture. Truly, I can see the decay of our children. All the little girls at home watching Hannah Montana that subscribe to Vanity Fair are going to become hookers. As if the midriff wasn’t enough, girls all over are going to be showing a little back as well! Damn it, why can’t these irresponsible stars get a hold on their life? Don’t they realize they are role models? First Britney Spears taught kids that it was fine to marry bad rappers, and then she proved that terrible parentings is in style. Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan showed kids that it was just dandy to drive while under the influence. Now this? Miley Cyrus poisoning our kids with the notion that it’s fine to completely expose herself to the public? For all the concerned parents out there, I’ve posted a censored version of the photo below.

Honestly, I find it more appalling that she looks all pale and bony. I don’t want those many kids who subscribe to Vanity Fair to bleach their skin and stop eating. Kids will be imitating Holocaust victims in no time! The media is blowing this way out of proportion. In fact, I think that no one would have noticed, or cared, if it wasn’t for the media. Check out the ridiculous articles that are being published.

Also, honestly, how ridiculous is Bill O’Reilly? First of all, the dude is a nut. I think everyone knows that. I hear that he actually broadcasts from an insane asylum. Is he really complaining about her image just because she poses in a few photographs with an older boyfriend? Oh no! Alert the media! A celebrity teen has a boyfriend. The country’s morals are decaying as I speak. Links to some galleries with the photos below.


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