I Can Now Laugh at Dilbert Comics

Hello America. You probably aren’t wondering, “Where has Chad been, lately?” You know what? I don’t blame you. For my own self-conceited narcissism, however, I will pretend as if you cared and I will tell you. I am now a working man. I am a cubicle dweller; a cubian, if you will. I proudly pop my newfound white collar, minus the popping part. If you pop your collar you are a douche bag. You are the dregs of society. You hate America and freedom.

Anyways, I have been bonding with my new co-workers. The following are some choice samples from the past month as captured by a co-worker of mine, Ryan.

While all the bosses were away, we decided to personalize our teams row of cubes. The theme?

That’s right.

We also decorated one of our team member’s cube a little bit more. He went and got married, the dummy. We decided to fill his now harsh and challenging new life with joy. Oh, and his cube with balloons.

Lots and lots of balloons.

So many balloons it was hard for him to get in.

He finally got in, and he loved it. Mission accomplished. To see more of these photos or download super high resolution versions of the camouflage net photos, or to see the entire balloon series, visit my homie’s Picasa gallery.


5 Responses to “I Can Now Laugh at Dilbert Comics”

  1. I can’t stand douchebags who pop their collars. Who do they think they are? Dracula?

  2. The world may never know.

  3. it wnt let me make a heart Says:

    count Dracula

    who does dracula think he is?
    a douche bag that pops his collar?

  4. Serves him right. Now he can practice cleaning up his mess. He’ll need it.

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