MC Hammer Search Engine

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I know I never touch this, but…


Let’s Get Technical

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I know it’s probably quite a different audience, but I now blog over at

If you like videogames, programming, or videogame programming please feel free to drop by Chad++ and see my new digs.

Sunday Funnies 05/18/08

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I’ll Make Some Calls!




XKCD - Boombox

Sunday Funnies 05/11/08

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Breakin’ Up.

A Toast.

Creative Writing.

Vaginas on a Silver Platter!

Let’s Go! We’ll talk in Airwolf.

The Lifeline Coupling is Broken!

The Classic:

Buff Bufferman!

Floridian Economy (Part 1)

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In case you happen to be out the loop, I just so happen to be an expert on Floridian economy. I have a certificate somewhere. It’s with my degree in Being Awesome and my C++ certification. I have had my picture taken with some of the state‚Äôs greatest public figures like Dan Marino, Jeb Bush and Tony Blair. Hanging on my wall is the hundredth alligator that I wrestled a baby from its mouth. Ever since I received the key to the state some months ago, I felt that I should tell people about the economy of the great state in which I used to reside. Florida: The First Baptist State.

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My Thoughts: Miley Cyrus Photos

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Tween queen celebrity Miley Cyrus has been mired in controversy due to her latest photo shoot in Vanity Fair.

First Thought: Tween? Are you serious? We don’t need an age group between child and teenager. We’re pretty much all set, thank you. Tween sounds like some sort of kinky sexual act involving butt cheeks. I want to know who created this word and how they live with themself.

Miley Cyrus, the teen who plays Disney’s Hannah Montana, recently posed for some photographs that will grace magazine Vanity Fair. These photos have sparked a media frenzy and publications everywhere are describing them as controversial. You want to check it out? You want to see the scandalous photo that might as well be labeled smut?

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Sunday Funnies 05/04/08

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Every Sunday I will chronicle the webcomics that I have enjoyed that week. Note: I gave myself a bit of stretch in defining this first week.

This week in comics I like:


Cards for dudes.


A new CEO.

A fight on the interwebs.